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A powerful Mist with natural enzymes that boosts skin luminosity and brings a radiant and youthful glow.

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Key ingredients Ergothioneine ||L-ergothioneine is recognized as a low-molecular-weight, powerful and stable antioxidant consumed by humans in their diet that accumulates in cells subjected to high levels of oxidative stress. It is a natural amino acid of plant origin present in the skin. The skin has specific receptors for Ergothioneine, which are present in fibroblasts and keratinocytes (receptor OCTN-1) . In the skin, it is part of the defense system together with vitamins C and A, thus providing a synergistic effect on the protective function of the skin. Recently, it has been shown that Ergothioneine has a high antioxidant and anti-radical power. ||Ergotioneina.png, Green Tea Extract ||||, Micrococcus Liposomes ||Stimulate the recognition and elimination of damage caused on the skin by the effects of sun exposure. ||, Phytosphingosine Liposomes ||||, Plankton Liposomes ||||, SPF||||
more_info Counteracts the damaging effects of UV radiation, our skin is equipped with a complex defense system that neutralizes UV radiation naturally, but most of the time this is not sufficient. When UV radiation from sunlight reaches the skin and arrive to our cells it can form thymine dimers that distort and alter the DNA structure. Therefore it is important to restore the structure of DNA that has been damaged.

RepaskinFotoprotector SPF 50 is a liposomed pre sun photo-repairer that incorporates physical, chemical and biological sun filters. Micronized titanium dioxide provides superior adherence without the whitening effect, green tea, ergothioneine and silymarin reduce erythema thanks to their powerful antioxidant actions and phytosphingosine restores the barrier function of the stratum corneum. The key is adding liposomed repair enzymes (photolysis and endonucleases) giving a photo-protector that for the first time is able to repair cell damage and protect the skin while sunbathing.

Based on nanotechnology, a technological revolution in the service of dermatology. Thanks to nanotechnology the transport of DNA repair enzymes to the deepest layers of the skin is possible. Nano sized liposomes have an excellent tolerance due to their composition being similar to that of cell membranes. In this way it Endonucleases and Photolyases reach their target.
Treatment Area Face
Skin Type No
Skin Condition DAMAGED SKIN
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textura Solution
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