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C-VIT Serum Ampoules 5 x 7 ml.

C-VIT Serum Ampoules 5 x 7 ml.

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C-VIT Serum Ampoules 5 x 7 ml.


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Serum C-Vit is designed for the prevention and treatment of skin aging processes. Preventing wrinkles. Skin pigmentation. Applying CVIT Serum  is very useful when you want to emphasize the results of chemical peels and laser resurfacing, as the induction of collagen promotes greater thickness and firmness. Furthermore, the peeling effect reduces dead cell layer, allowing greater penetration of...

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Type of Packaging:
Powder + solution
Treatment area:

Additional Information

capacidad_envase 5 * 7ml
prospecto No
video No
tipo_envase Powder + solution
family_description No
Key ingredients Grapefruit Extract ||||, Hyaluronic Acid||Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in all living organisms, it is a universal component of the spaces between tissue cells (extracellular space) and makes up the matrix. It is a glycosaminoglycan with a key function in skin hydration due to its water-retaining capacity.||Acido hialuronico.png, Lemon Extract ||High contents of flavonoids and vitamin C. Provides significant antioxidant activity through anti-free radical, protective, calming, or astringent properties. ||, Vitamin C||||
more_info Fruit acids reach the stratum corneum, facilitating skin penetration of Vitamin C. The special characteristics of the container, prevent Vitamin C from oxidizing, always remaining fresh. The application of C-Vit Serum provides the following benefits: Significantly reduces wrinkles by enhancing the synthesis of collagen, an essential constituent of the supporting tissues of the skin, which results in a denser skin, less sagging. Increases the strength and elasticity of the skin. Significantly Firms skin . The facial contour will be more compact and defined. Younger looking skin. It invigorates the body's defenses against free radicals because of its properties and protects the skin from the external environment (sun, stress, snuff smoke, pollution). Brightens the face. Improves skin complexion, clearing spots. Hydrates the skin by promoting the formation of intracellular substance and hyaluronic acid. PROPERTIES OF VITAMIN C: Vitamin C plays an essential role in the functioning of the skin: growth, maintenance and reactivation of connective tissue, free radical protection, collagen synthesis and preventing wrinkles. Protects cell membranes and increases cellular exchanges. The extracts of grapefruit and lemon, also effective antioxidant, contain natural AHA's. AHAs natural (glycolic acid, malic acid, citric acid, lactic acid), in addition to its moisturizing properties, promote cell turnover attenuate wrinkles, tighten the skin and make a natural peeling contributing to protection penetration through skin and other active ingredients to the maintenance of skin acidity.
Treatment Area Face
Skin Type All skin types
Skin Condition No
Families C-VIT
Active Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, Other key ingredients, Vitamin C
textura Solution
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